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Dances for Woolshed Ball

Dances will be from the following list:
1.1 Circular WaltzDance instructions buttonCouple
1.2 Parma WaltzDance instructions buttonCouple
1.3 Parma WaltzDance instructions buttonCouple
2 Aussie Soldiers JoyDance instructions button
3 Boronia GroveDance instructions button
4 Daniel's FavouriteDance instructions buttonLongways
5 Grand MarchDance instructions buttonCouple
6.1 First Set fig 1 (4x32)Dance instructions button
6.2 Caledonians Quadrille fig.2 4x24Dance instructions buttonQuadrille
6.3 First Set fig 3 (4x32)Dance instructions button
6.4 First Set fig 4 (4x32)Dance instructions button
6.5 First Set fig 5 (4x32)+16Dance instructions button
7 The Peter Ellis WaltzDance instructions buttonCouples Scicilian
8.1 Boston Two-StepDance instructions buttonCouple
8.2 Gypsy TapDance instructions buttonCouple
9 Barn Dance progressiveDance instructions buttonCouple
10 Flirtation ReelDance instructions buttonLongways
11 Swing WaltzDance instructions buttonCouple
12 Arkansas TravellerDance instructions buttonQuadrille
13 CharmaineDance instructions buttoncouple
14 Well HallDance instructions button
15.1 Lancers fig.1Dance instructions buttonQuadrille
15.2 Lancers fig.2Dance instructions buttonQuadrille
15.3 Lancers fig.3Dance instructions buttonQuadrille
15.4 Lancers fig.4Dance instructions buttonQuadrille
15.5 Lancers fig.5Dance instructions buttonQuadrille
16 Pride of ErinDance instructions buttonCouple
17 Sybil's RoundaboutDance instructions button
18 La Russe QuadrilleDance instructions buttonQuadrille
19 MaxinaDance instructions buttonCouple
20 Bullockies BallDance instructions button
21 Colonials QuadrilleDance instructions button
22 Margaret's WaltzDance instructions button
23 Auld Lang SyneCircle