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Dances for Family Bush Dance

2nd December 2023 8.00pm until 11.00pm

Dances will be from the following list:

1 Pride of ErinDance instructions buttonCouple
2 Flying PiemanDance instructions buttonlongways
3 StockyardsDance instructions button
Short Rest
4 Here We Come A CarolingDance instructions button
5 Barn Dance progressiveDance instructions buttonCouple
6.1 Grand MarchDance instructions buttonCouple
6.2 Boughs of HollyDance instructions button
Short Rest
7 Christmas HornpipeDance instructions button
8 VarsovianaDance instructions buttoncouples
9 Dashing White SergeantDance instructions button3 x 3
10 Ninepins QuadrilleDance instructions buttonQuadrille
Short Rest
11 Swing WaltzDance instructions buttonCouple
12.1 Lancers fig.1Dance instructions buttonQuadrille
12.2 Lancers fig.2Dance instructions buttonQuadrille
12.3 Lancers fig.3Dance instructions buttonQuadrille
12.4 Lancers fig.4Dance instructions buttonQuadrille
12.5 Lancers fig.5Dance instructions buttonQuadrille
Short Rest
13 Manchester GalopDance instructions buttoncounles
14 Willow TreeDance instructions buttonLongways
15 Circle WaltzDance instructions buttonCouple
16 Waltz Country DanceDance instructions buttonDouble Scicilian
17 Soldiers Joy (Northumberland)Dance instructions button

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