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The VFMC Constitution

The VFMC Constitution

Changes to the VFMC Constitution

Changes to the VFMC Constitution were formally adopted at the 2017 A.G.M.

The Associations Incorporation Act (1981) guided the detail of the VFMC Constitution which was applicable until 2012. This Constitution, tailored to VFMC, is now identified as "The Old VFMC Constitution".

The Associations Incorporated Reform Act (2012) published a new set of model rules. Around this time, Associations were given the opportunity to tailor their Constitution to be consistent with the new model rules and submit the new version to Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV). If this was not completed by a certain date (a date which has well and truly passed), the model rules (2012) would apply. As a new version was not submitted to CAV by VFMC, the model rules applied to VFMC from that time. This version is "The model rules", and the document is titled "Victorian Government Associations' Model Rules".

The VFMC Committee captured specific VFMC content from the old constitution and applied this to the Model Constitution to formulate an updated Constitution in 2017.

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