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VFMC are delighted to be transitioning back to live events in halls. We will carefully follow all government health directives including limiting attendance to fully vaccinated people, and limiting numbers according to density limits. Please check event details on this web site before attending in person. We will update details of specific events as quickly as possible.

We anticipate that some people will remain cautious about attending public events. We will continue to support our audiences and participants as best we can by continuing Zoom on-line access to our events while there is demand. We recognise that this is only a second best option. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Our Regular Activities

Next Session

Status:On. Live in the hall + Zoom. Zoom access will continue while there is demand.

Special 'fifth Tuesday' Theme Session
30th November 2021 7.15pm until 9.15pm

This will be a hybrid session - in the hall and also on zoom.

VFMC session in full swing

This will be a special 'theme' or workshop event. Details yet to be announced. Audience welcome.

Ringwood Uniting Church hall and webcast by Zoom

Melway ref. 49H9

Next Concert

Status: This will be a hybrid live and Zoom event.

NOTE: Admission by pre-purchased ticket only.

14th December 2021 7.45pm until 10.00pm




The Honeyfields are Cat Moser, Corinn Strating, and Nicola Strating.

Their interpretations of old and new songs are refreshing, original, and steeped in the Australian folk music tradition.
In their own words:
"Our bond was forged sitting around kitchen tables or campfires singing our favourite songs. There is something intuitive and natural about playing music together, the arrangements just fall into place and we hardly need to think about it."

Ringwood Uniting Church hall and webcast by Zoom

Melway ref. 49H9

Next Dances

Status:On. Live in the hall.Zoom continues on 3rd Saturday evenings while there is demand.

End of Year Family Bush Dance (hall)
4th December 2021 8.00pm until 11.00pm


The Billabong Band

The Billabong Band

The Billabong Band is the Victorian Folk Music Club's own performance group and is probably the longest established band in Australia playing traditional music for Bush / Colonial dances and for concerts. The line-up is variable and depends on which musicians are available at the time.

The VFMC has a family bush dance on the first Saturday of each month (excluding January). Dances are called so these events are suitable for all ages. A different band is featured each month and everyone is welcome.

Ringwood East Senior Citizens Hall

Melway ref. 50B8

The goals of the VFMC are:
COVID-19 Arrangements

VFMC Vaccination Policy To safeguard the health of our members, our audiences, our performers and the population in general, the VFMC committee have decided that when we are able to return to live, in person events at our venues, admission will be restricted to persons who are fully vaccinated against the COVID19 virus.

This means that everyone can attend a VFMC event secure in the knowledge that everyone at the venue has been fully vaccinated. We will also expect everyone to comply with all other health directives that are in force.

When we are able to resume on-site events, VFMC will continue, for some time, to offer Zoom attendance as an alternative for those who cannot or choose not to attend in person.

Please monitor this web site for details of forthcoming events as the situation may change rapidly. We will post any changes as soon as we possibly can.

Obviously we intend that regular VFMC Sessions, and Concerts, and Dances will be maintained as normally as possible as the virus continues its course. All seem to agree that making music in the company of each other is preferable to soloing alone at home, and the Committee is keen to get back to meeting at the halls when we feel it is entirely safe to do so.

The VFMC Committee are well advanced in preparing CovidSafe plans which are published on this web site. We have tested the technology for online Zoom access at the halls so people can continue participating in VFMC Sessions and Concerts remotely, from home or wherever you happen to be in the world on any Tuesday night.

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